Predator Instincts

I enjoy late night walks.  It’s how I unwind and process.  There are a few downsides.  One night I was walking between an on campus construction site and the student center.  This area was I little bit more dimly lit than most of campus and a little bit less traveled.  This is IWU though.  It wasn’t dark and I was never more than 10 meters from the nearest building.  This night some short dark-haired girl exited the Student Center a little ways ahead of me.  I thought nothing of it, but she must have because she sped up.  When I was still behind her 5 or 6 steps later she began glancing over her shoulder.  I admit that I was a bit angry that night.  I was definitely walking with purpose.  That doesn’t explain what happens next.  After one extended look back, she took off at a dead sprint!

Now, the odd thing is that this triggered something inside of me.  My mind snapped.  I was no longer an addled college student, but a fearsome hunter equipped with club and spear.  Like a rabid dog, I had to chase.  I would have caught her.  That poor girl’s tiny little legs flailing wildly couldn’t carry her a quarter as fast as my legs.  I could catch her, tackle her to the ground, and shout “I am a nice guy!  Favorably rated by 3 out of 5 friends!”  It’s true, I am!

Of course, I didn’t do that.  Rationality won out in the end.  That girl is still around.  She’s apparently dating someone in my dorm on my floor.  I haven’t talked to her.  I don’t plan on confronting her.  Seriously though, not every guy out late at night is a rapist.

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