Day II & III – Des Moines, IA to Springfield, IL to Mansfield, OH

We had come to Springfield with the hopes of visiting Charlie Parker’s Diner, but we were going to save that for the morning.  Since between the 3 or us we have the combined creativity of EA, we went to Olive Garden.  When you’re there, you’re like family! When we were there we were most like an Alabaman family.  I mean that in the sense that our waitress (cousin? aunt?) was flirting with Dan.  Which brings me to the long list of things that flirting (not necessarily my own flirting) has gotten me (for free) over the years: waived fees at airports, vouchers for meals, etc., and cheesecake.  In the cultural context of the United States, flirting is an important life skill.  It should be mentioned that Dan actually failed to acquire her number or any means of future contact, but he didn’t lock up and stutter for a half hour, like I do.

We visited the diner the next day and ordered a Springfield specialty, the horseshoe.  (Well, I personally like to think I ordered two ponyshoes.)  A horseshoe is two pieces of bread laid flat on a plate then covered with several layers of delicious goodness.  A breakfast horseshoe at Charlie Parker’s consists of a layer of bread, a layer of eggs, a layer of meat, and a huge pile of hashbrowns, all smothered in cheese sauce or grave.  It is a huge breakfast, and it only runs about 7 dollars.
A horseshoe with American homestyle fries and both cheese and gravy.

Verdict: Try it!

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