The Billy Mays Conspiracy

I’m going to post on a very controversial topic today.

Remember Billy Mays?  That well groomed bearded man that used to yell at you about cleaning products?  That man who, like Elvis Presley, JFK, and John Goodman, supposedly died?

Yeah, he’s alive and well and a waiter at an Italian restaurant in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  Don’t worry, he’s still loud and amiable enough.  Of course, now he yells about Bruschetta and other appetizers rather than about Oxi Clean.

When our entrees arrived before our appetizers, he stormed over and, with the same voice he used to announce the stain fighting powers of Oxi Clean, said, “WHERE ARE YOUR APPETIZERS?”

How the heck would I know?  “We haven’t gotten them.”

Billy Mays, and I’m 99% sure it was him, remedied the situation quickly.

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