Gun Control II

I can’t believe I’m doing this, but it seems I have to.  The NRA, who previously advocated for limitations on the First Amendment, has also come up with some even worse ideas.  I’m going to address why these are the dumbest ideas in history then I’m going to address why the media should not be printing the NRA’s opinions on things.

First: The NRA recently released a statement proposing that an armed guard or armed police officer (armed with guns, I need to point that out) should be stationed in every school.  They cite Israel as their example, but a spokesperson from the Israeli Foreign Ministry, Yigal Palmor, has already responded to the NRA.  He says, “We didn’t have a series of school shootings… What removed the danger was not the armed guards but an overall anti-terror policy” (Read more).  Israel’s solution to a much different problem than the U.S. faces was to address the problem itself rather than the effect.  The cause in Israel was terrorism and the effect was bombings.  (Shootings are rare in Israel as the Palestinian people have little access to guns.)  The cause in the United States was a single crazed gunman, acting alone, with serious mental health problems.  The effect was dead children.  We have to figure out what is creating shooters and address it.

Second: The NRA — I assume upon realizing that armed guards cost money — has advocated that teachers be allowed to arm themselves.  Let me be clear here, I don’t worry about teachers shooting their students.  The people we trust our kids to are certainly (God help us) trustworthy enough to carry firearms.  Not that there isn’t some danger involved.  My band teacher strangled his wife and was prone to fits of rage.  I wouldn’t have liked him to be armed.  I might also predict at least one absent-minded teacher will leave a firearm where some kid too young to understand or some kid with issues will get access and hurt someone.  That’s not even my main issue.  My problem is that protecting students isn’t the teacher’s job!  Teachers teach.  Should we train teachers as body guards?  No! We should train them as teachers.  A society that requires armed teachers is a dangerous society indeed.  It’s a hopeless society.

This is the last one of these one of these for awhile.  I’m not going to be responding to anymore NRA memos and you shouldn’t either.  Here is why, the NRA is not and has never been an organization that wants solutions.  We keep asking them for solutions and then printing their solutions in our newspapers, which is our fault.  The NRA isn’t about solutions; they’re about guns.  On any given issue, the NRA will answer “guns” because that’s what they do.  That’s their stated objective!  They’re gun lobbyists!  If we demanded answers from them for AIDS in Africa or the extinction of the White Rhino, the NRA would probably answer “guns.”  That’s not a solution, that’s an item that propels lead via a small explosion.

A solution would involve evaluating causes and dealing with the problem on a lower level.  Which probably won’t sell many guns.

For all of you wondering, the next post will be on something completely different.  No more politics out of me.

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