Monetary Value and Substance

So now I have this really expensive piece of paper that says I’m smart.  Well actually it says “Philosophy and Theology ~ Writing.”  I’m happy to have it, don’t get me wrong, but it seems mighty insubstantial.  After all, for $120,000 dollars you could buy a house.  There is more to a house than there is to a piece of paper.  Sure the degree is supposed to open doors, but I majored in “Philosophy and Theology ~ Writing.”  Note that it says, “~ Writing,” not “and Writing.”  Who uses a tilde to connect two terms?  I mean seriously!

Speaking of over priced items, I saw a non-stick pan on TV that claimed to be a $220 value!  It’s a pan! The most expensive pan I’ve seen was $35.00 and it was made by female virgin blacksmiths high in the Andes Mountains!  That pan was “on sale” for $20.  If your product costs $20, has always cost $20, and will always cost $20, the value is probably around $15, NOT $220.  How dumb do you think I am?

Well, I did spend $120,000 on a piece of paper once…

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