Grad School Jitters

Last night I dreamed about going to a graduate school interview.  It isn’t like grad school hasn’t been on my mind, but I think my subconscious is getting ahead of itself.  After all, I don’t even know if I’ll get an interview yet.  I hope I do, but I can’t be worrying about something that probably won’t happen when I should be worrying about why it isn’t happening.

Also, I highly doubt a game of darts vs the Creative Writing faculty is a part of any accredited MFA program on the planet, and if it is, I will go to that school.  End of discussion.

I also found it strange how few members of the faculty were speaking English.  I suppose not being able to understand your interview questions is the grad school equivalent of a showing-up-to-school-without-pants dream.

Finally, the dream featured an awful lot of people I don’t really like from my philosophy classes also interviewing for places in MFA programs.  It would make far too much sense for my brain to fill the waiting room with writers I know.  I guess I’d actually like to see most of those people.  Meanwhile there are some real standouts from my philosophy major that I hope to never again engage in conversation.  Note to other philosophy majors/minors: I like most of you.  Really, I do! but there were two people waiting for an interview with whom I have never agreed.

The lesson here, I think, is that my subconscious and me are not on particularly good terms.  It’s sort of like living with a prankster inside my own brain.

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