Full-Time Work

As an unemployed college graduate slowly circling the drain with no prospects for work or income, I find myself actively looking for distraction.  I’m trying to keep up a full-time work schedule despite not having a full-time job. This basically means that I am either writing or programming 8 hours a day in an attempt to keep my mind active in the hopes that this will somehow help me in the long run.

Here are some of the things I’ve been up to:

  • Recoding the OSMstudios admin area to support user management, financial information, email notifications, and more.  This includes a new CMS, etc.
  • Redesigning OSMstudios.com to look cool, minimalistic, and modern.
  • Hunting for freelance work.  Hire me here!

And finally,

  • Writing!  I’m not just blogging everyday.  I’m also working on an experimental novel about a particular family’s 50 year fall. The story is told by the agent of their demise, the book itself.


Speaking of writing, this post doesn’t count towards my 20 days.  Check back in a few hours for another post.



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