A New Hobby

I think I need a new hobby.  I mean, I’ve been going over what to write about in my head for the last 13 straight hours and I have come up with nothing.  Usually, once you’re over the initial hump in a blogger’s challenge (the first 3 or 4 days) the ideas start coming easily.  Before you know it you think you could blog every day until you die and still have interesting things to say.  You’re wrong but only about the interesting part.  I’m finding I have nothing to say.  I’ve already exhausted all of my thoughts for the last several months.

I started to wonder if I’m doing things differently somehow.  I guess I haven’t been as active as I once was.  I’m not talking about talking long meandering walks late at night — I still do that — I’m talking about holding down a job and attending classes.  Most of my really great ideas come out of interactions with people I would never choose to actually interact with: classmates and coworkers.  Now I just hang out with interesting and awesome people like my roommate and girlfriend.

Which is why I need a new hobby.  A hobby that I can do with complete strangers that I sort of despise but put up with because we all have the same hobbies/goals in life.

I thought about taking up crocheting because it would make me seem extremely interesting (and by interesting I do mean weird) but old ladies are often interesting and awesome.  You’re not even allowed to dislike them.

Then I thought about kayaking, but I can’t afford it.

Then about bird watching, but there aren’t many birds around this time of year.

Gardening leaves me in the same lurch as writing and programming — it’s a solitary affair.  (Maybe it’s because it is nearly 2:00 am, but I’m laughing because lurch sounds like Birch which is a term related to gardening.)

Maybe I just need a proper adventure.  Something with travel and unfortunate detours.  But I really, really can’t afford one right now.

If you have an idea for a totally awesome hobby I should try or a dirt cheap adventure I should go on then document for your general amusement, please post it in the comments.

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