Sci-fi is back!

Just about the time I started losing faith in Hollywood, about the time I got sick and tired of terrible remakes of decent movies, Hollywood pulls a 180.  2013 and 2014 are the years my movie watching brain has been gearing up for since I was 6.

The year is still sprinkled with sequels and remakes, including several new takes on classic fairy tales.  Aren’t we really scraping bottom when we have to turn to 500+ year old stories for modern movies?  I’m still moderately excited for some of the sequels/remakes/reboots coming out soon, including: Man of Steel, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Star Trek Into Darkness, and the continuing Marvel films (Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier).  I’m especially excited about Ant-Man directed by Edgar Wright.

But what really, and I mean really, excited is all of the new intellectual property science fiction films.  Here’s a rundown in no particular order:

  • Elysium: A bald, heavy-set Matt Damon closes the wealth gap through the use of violence.  Featuring large guns, a space station, and timely commentary.  This film is directed and written by Neill Blomkamp of District 9 fame.
  • Oblivion: Starring Tom Cruise (I could have sworn he died in some kind of crazy suicide cult thing?) explores an abandoned earth, ravaged by war and discovers some kind of bizarre twist featuring Morgan Freeman.  Directed by Joseph Kosinski who has worked on a grand total of one film, Tron: Legacy.
  • All You Need Is Kill: Speaking of Tom Cruise, he also stars in this action movie where he goes through the same events over and over again.  I’m not expecting very deep thoughts here, but it should be awesome.  It’s directed by the same guy that directed the good Bourne movies, Doug Liman.
  • After Earth: I’m really not too excited for this film, but I should mention it anyway since it is a new science fiction IP.  This film features Will Smith and his son (the kid that ruined the new Karate Kid film) stranded on earth long after humans have left.  The film is directed by M. Night Shyamalan who hasn’t released anything good since 2000, but has released some incredibly B A D movies.  He has little to no artistic integrity, but After Earth is being marketed without mentioning his name at all, giving me just the tiniest amount of hope.
  • Pacific Rim: A mech movie from Mexican director Guillermo del Toro.  On the one hand, I love del Toro.  On the other hand, it looks like Transformers as directed by del Toro.  However, it does feature Ron Perlman, who does an excellent job of making everything he is in watchable.
  • Ender’s Game: This one isn’t an original IP, but it bears mentioning as a science fiction film from an older book.  I have mixed feeling about this film, but am willing to keep an open mind.


It just might be a busy few years for me as a movie-goer.

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