You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

Condescending signs.  This is what really, really got on my nerves around IWU.  Everywhere I looked there was some subtle reminder that they think their students were idiots.

The last straw for me was a letter that informed us that “for our own good” because we were bad at handling money IWU would be collecting more money sooner.  This coming from a university that is currently hemorrhaging money due to very poor planning.

But there are little signs everywhere.  My favorite are the signs in the dining hall that say “Please do not remove food from the dining area.  This may raise the cost of your meal plan and causes health and sanitation problems.”  The first part I’m sure is true.  Although the company that runs our dining hall has an amazing (and growing!) profit margin.

But what do they mean by “health and sanitation problems?”  Let me paraphrase that for you.  “If you steal food from us you’ll drop it on the floor and you’ll get sick.”  I could see myself saying this to someone.  Of course, that someone is 3 years-old and currently busy stuffing dirt into his mouth.  I know this isn’t a real concern of theirs because they already have a dining area that allows you to carry out food so any “sanitation problems” already exist.  What about my health?  If I have clean hands when I enter and clean hands when I pick up an apple, does that apple suddenly become dirty when I carry it over the threshold of the door?  Are they implying that the apples are already dirty?  Are they implying the existence of magic germs that become dangerous only outside of their dining area?  Why are they in the business of engineering diseases in the first place?

More importantly, why can’t they be straight with me?

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