Little Bit Angry

Awhile back, Greg pointed out to me that rather than “Little Bit Brilliant” my blog should be entitled, “Little Bit Angry.”  Of course, he pointed out that “little bit” would be greatly understating my anger.  I do tend to get frustrated.

You can blame me if you like.  I know condescending signs don’t bother everyone.  I bet some people even appreciate being condescended to, you know, talked down to.  Most people (I’m sure) have no qualms about misused words.  Other people don’t mind pointless civil lawsuits and aren’t even aware of the vacuous celebrity culture around them.  Some people enjoy both!

My views on gun control and my incredible dislike of smiling people certainly aren’t universal.

And all of that is ok.  You don’t have to agree with me on everything.  You don’t even have to agree with me that some of these things are issues worth being peeved about.  I’m not someone that thinks apathy is the number one killer in the US today.  I’m pretty sure the number one killer is in fact heart disease.

You’re free to chillax some more.  To take things easy.  To smell the flowers, watch the clouds, pet a puppy, hug a kitten, etc., etc.  The world needs people that take it easy.  I’m serious.  As long as you aren’t self-centered (which is one thing I will not allow you to be! Seriously) you could do a lot of good by doing nothing.

I just think that the world could be a better place.  That’s all.  Maybe I haven’t been contributing to that, but I’m trying.  I don’t like condescending signs because they tell me that somewhere there is a person that didn’t see me (or any of my fellow meal-eaters) as people.  I don’t like civil lawsuits because sometimes they really hurt people.

My rants are rarely productive, but sometimes I just have to look across this world, notice it’s brokenness, and laugh.  I don’t know what else I could do.

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