Burn Out

One of my worst fears as a writer is complete burn out.  I’ve struggled with it for years with my productivity and my best writings coming in spurts.  Sometimes I spend weeks where I wake up at night with some grand idea I just have to hammer out before I can fall asleep, but right now I’m entering the other part of my cycle — the burn out.

Lately, every word I’ve put to a page has been difficult.  They don’t flow like they did just a few weeks ago.  I think this comes entirely from my own exhaustion.  Between graduate school applications, blogging, personal writing, and projects I’ve just ran out of steam.  I’m out of fuel.

I’m going to step away from the blog for a little while to collect more ideas.  I’m not gone permanently; I’ll only be gone a few weeks.  I need to do some exploring and some driving.  I’ve already made plans for my return, and I’ll post what I’ll be writing about later today.

You’ll note that this is the last day of the first section of my bloggers’ challenge and I have completed more than the required posts.  I’ve earned a short break at least.  I’ll still be around, and I’ll check in occasionally.

Talk to you later.

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