Strangely Popular

Most of my readers (if we don’t include evil spam robots sent from China to make me buy cheap knock-off goods made by child laborers) are my friends.  They’re people I know.

But every once in awhile I write something that is bizarrely and inexplicably popular.  They’re never my best posts either.  The last one to inexplicably hit it “big” was my post on the billboards in South Dakota.  (Spoiler Alert: I HATE THEM!)  I posted that a long time ago, but last week 17 people, all in the state of South Dakota, googled the phrase “I hate South Dakota” and found me.   I like to think that I have started a small grassroots effort that will eventually take the state by storm and return it to it’s natural beauty, but I’m a bit of an idealist.

Another inexplicably popular post is my take on bread making.  Almost 100 people came to my site after googling for terms like “crusty easy no knead bread” or “cast-iron skillet bread.”  As DLH says, people just love bread.  But it wasn’t a serious post!  I wish one of my serious recipes where I didn’t screw everything up would be that popular.

Lastly my post on Billy Mays has been inexplicably popular.  A few dozen people have found my site after googling “Billy Mays conspiracy.”  For awhile, I was one of only a few hits.  I may be the originator of a legitimate conspiracy theory!  We were really just joking though.  Anyway, call me king of the crazies!

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