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Because 100 posts a year just wasn’t hard enough (in case you’re wondering, I’ve completed 30 posts total this year) I’ve decided to write a review of every Academy Award for Best Picture winner since it started in 1927.  Here is a complete list.  I’ve already seen about a tenth of them, and I’ll have to watch those again to give an accurate review.  I’ll be tailoring my reviews to modern audiences, keeping in mind that tastes have changed.  Pacing is probably the biggest difference between new and old films, and I’ll keep that in mind as I watch and comment.  Old movies feel more like novels, they tend to have more characters and more character development.

I won’t be watching the films in any particular order, not that it matters since so many of the modern winners are throw backs to old styles.  Last year a black and white, silent film won.  It’s a pretty good film too; I’ve already seen it.

The films tend to be guy films.  There are no romantic comedies on the list and there never will be.  (Hopefully.)

I’ll be writing a small web application to track my progress.  You’ll be able to check it out in about a week.

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