I’m about to state an opinion that I might get ripped into for.  Thor is a deeply underrated film.  My girlfriend is going to read that and seethe so I’ll make this quick.

Now, it isn’t a perfect film.  The acting is fine, but the characters are weak.  I especially hate Natalie Portman as generic love interest #1.  Natalie Portman is a good actress (see Black Swan — the movie that ruined lesbians for me forever) and she plays a potentially interesting character.   I mean, Jane Foster is an astrophysicist.  She should be wicked smart and quirky.  Instead she is bland.  Any actress with a pretty face could have played Jane Foster, and that’s a shame.  I have to wonder what went wrong.  At least one of the writers has written great female characters in the past, but they didn’t repeat the performance for this film.

I’m also not a fan of Chris Hemsworth, but I can’t put my finger on why.  Maybe I just don’t understand the character.

However, of all the Marvel films, Thor has the most beautiful and awe-inspiring digital backgrounds.  Just look at these stills.  I was blown away by any of the scenes in Asgard.  The truth is, I’m fond of Thor.  It’s a beautiful mediocre movie that somehow managed to trigger my sense of wonder.  I spent most of the film ignoring the characters and plot (boring!) while wondering what other things go on around Asgard.  It’s a film that made me want to see more of a fictional place, and that’s quite an achievement.


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