Superheroes with Phobias

After reading my post on my desire to be invisible, my mom commented, “Didn’t you used to want to fly?”

Well, probably, but I’m also scared of heights.  For all I know I can fly; I’ve just never tried because anything higher than about a foot off the ground is dizzying to me.  I’d be a terrible superhero.

Imagine you’re Superman and you’re flying above New York.  Everything is swell and normal.  You’re not even thinking of the 5,000 feet below you or the 120 mph you’re traveling.  Suddenly and inexplicably, your powers disappear.  Just for a second.  One second. (I don’t know why.  Maybe a plane carrying kryptonite flies by.  It could happen.  The stuff seems to be pretty common — every villain has some.)  You’d splatDead.  No more Superman.

It’d only take a second.

This has me thinking, I should write a comic book about superheroes that are terrified of their powers, so they go about their lives as totally ordinary people.  One guy can fly but is scared of heights.  One guy can Hulk out but has agoraphobia.  One guy can talk to spiders (think Spider-Man meets Aquaman), but has arachnophobia.

Maybe I’m surrounded by superheroes who are just too scared to be super.  Anyway, I’m not going to find out if I can fly.  These days standing up gives me a head rush.

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