Planning Ahead

With the arrival of my first few rejection letters, I’m beginning to come to terms with the fact that I will very likely not be invited to a graduate school.  It’s not particularly easy.  Each letter comes like a punch to the gut which is only slightly more merciful than the months of waiting.  I’m still holding onto a little hope for my two top choices, but I’m not holding on too tight.

Which means I have to make other plans.  I talked about creating something to invest in other writers.  Now I’ve nailed down what I’ll be creating, and I won’t just be investing in writers.  I’m making an investment in visual and musical arts as well.  Eventually I’ll expand it to the development arts (programming, mathematics, etc.)



First, I’m ditching WordPress.  I love WordPress — and it has a great community — but I’m feeling just a tiny bit limited.  I’m starting over using Lithium a PHP MVC framework.  Don’t know what that means?  Don’t worry about it.  You can still help me.  I’ll get to that in a future post.

OSMBlag accounts will be split into two varieties (to start): Readers and Writers.  Every writer is also a reader (or they wouldn’t be very good writers), but readers only become OSMBlag writers by invite.  The Reader view is based on finding and delivering interesting content from all over the web.  Readers can then say “I like this” or “I don’t like this” and OSMBlags will attempt to find stuff they like.  It’s not like Reddit or StumbleUpon.  The choices given are not communal.  Content can be found or added manually.  OSMBlags can also send content in the form of ebooks directly to Kindle, Nook, or other ereader devices.  Content is compiled from the web.  I personally read a number of online short story publications by converting their RSS feeds to ebook.  This process will be automated by OSMBlags.

Writers are also given a powerful, ad-free webspace to do with as they wish.  I hesitate to call it a blog, since blog implies a single, linear chain of posts describing daily goings-on.  Writers will be encouraged to break that mold and to write articles, stories, and poetry.  I’m even planning systems for experimental writing.  Writers can also link their posts to the larger content network or to particular public APIs.  For instance, a writer might want to publish reviews of a particular movie.  He or she can add a public API widget that shows readers the nearest place to get that movie (whether it be a local theater, RedBox, Netflix, or Amazon).


If you like my ideas let me know.  I’m eager for feedback.  I’m also looking for testers, designers, and coders.  I’ll be doing most of the coding myself, but I always appreciate help.

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