Things You Don’t Skimp On

A few years ago I attempted to buy a used cellphone in order to save some money.  After putting $100 dollars down on a broken phone and dealing with the snotty highschoolers at the local Sprint shop, I ended up just buying the phone I wanted in the first place without regards for the cost.  The whole thing was a customer service nightmare.

There are just a few things I won’t spare any cost on.  Here is the list:

  • Toothbrushes – Yesterday morning I threw away my old toothbrush and opened a new one that I had received for Christmas.  It was awful.  Not only did the brush leave behind plaque and bad breath, it also left behind most of it’s bristles.  I spent the next 10 – 15 minutes digging loose bristles out of my gums.
  • Ketchup – The difference between the cheap brand and the $.50 more expensive brand is water.  You shouldn’t have to shake a ketchup.  It shouldn’t have that much water in it.  I’m looking at you, Hunt’s!
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