Dogs in Carmel

People in Carmel sure do love their dogs.  Almost everyone has one or two.  Even those who live in apartments; they’ve just chosen smaller, louder, yappier breeds.  It’s a bit weird.  I don’t begrudge them anything, especially if those pet owners actually clean up after their animals.  (And for the large part they do!)  It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a newly married couple in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a dog, but it is still pretty excessive.

I’ll tell you what I mean: there are two different dog bakeries in a half-mile radius.  Not one bakery, but two different bakeries that only make confectioneries for dogs.  I can’t help but think that these people don’t really get dogs.  I’ve owned some dogs.  Not only are they content eating the same thing day after day, but they’re happy to do it.  Finely prepared dishes are wasted on the palette of a dog.  They eat their own excrement and vomit for Pete’s sake!

The other day I saw a man towing a child carrier behind his bike, but instead of a child, the carrier contained a sleeping Golden Retriever.  An old lady stopped him to take a picture.

An Italian restaurant on main street allows you to dine with your dog.  I like dogs — I really do — but they’re terrible conversationalists.  Horrible really.  And their table manners are even worse!  And they shed.  Nothing ruins a good pasta like dog hair.

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