Carmel’s Statues

I live in the Arts and Design district now, which means I’m surrounded by a number of strange statues.  Well, they aren’t strange. They’re hyper-realistic.  You can see them here.  You know, I have been all over the district and there are still some statues on this page that I haven’t seen.

They have a tendency to sneak up on you.  The worst is a little girl watering the flowers behind a restaurant.  She is perfectly tucked away to startle the average walker every time.  I know she is there, and I still get startled.

The painter is my favorite followed by the Eternal Spring statue, but every time I drive down main street I end up having the same internal conversation.  I’ve gotten used to the cop on the street corner — and all of those people who pose for pictures with his hand on their butts.  I expect him, I see him, I slow down because of the pedestrian traffic on that stretch.  I look both ways.  Everything is clear and then…


Dad and Girl Statue1980’s dad is pushing his daughter straight into the road!  Straight into traffic!  And she doesn’t even know how to ride, she can’t stop herself!

Oh, it’s a statue. Carry on.

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