Leaving A Mark

I’m aware of two views on the driving forces of human accomplishment: 1) The highly pessimistic view that all human accomplishment was done in an attempt to impress members of the opposite sex and 2) The even more pessimistic view that all human accomplishment was done in order to deal with the terrible realization that we are impermanent things living in an impermanent world.  Both are probably true, but I have to assume graffiti left in the men’s bathroom is either done to impress members of the same-sex for sexual purposes or to deal with the despair from our impermanent existence.

The good news, for all those bathroom graffiti-ers, is that some graffiti has lasted millenia.  I like to think the first cave paintings were more graffiti than proper art.  Pompeii has plenty of graffiti, and most of it would be very familiar to a modern graffiti reader.

The bad news, for all bathroom graffiti-ers, is that anything you thought was clever is officially two-thousand years from original.  Your work is derivative of derivative works.  The little impression you just left in the hopes of leaving something permanent in an impermanent world serves as nothing but a reminder of your insignificance.  After all, what kind of impression is proving you can do exactly the same thing as every other below average to average person?

Speaking of unoriginal, nearly every stall in the Indy Motor Speedway course has graffiti, written in a different hand, about Danica performing some sex act on some person.  E – V – E – R – Y stall.  Either Danica gets around (possible) or someone needs to come up with their own joke.  (I’m assuming, of course, that Danica is the NASCAR driver featured on the GoDaddy commercials.)

I’ve been ripping on graffiti-ers, but I do have some compliments.  The guy who drew in silver sharpie in stall 6 — that guy — is a savant.  He is the Picasso of bathroom male genitalia graffiti.

Everyone else though…. 

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