OSMBlags II Update

Last I wrote, I had decided to shut down the OSMBlags II project.  I changed my mind and my focus.  I had been thinking of OSMBlags II as a blog system / RSS reader which is a really over-saturated market.  Everyone and their mom has a favorite blogging system — WordPress, Tumblr, LiveJournal, Blogspot (to name a few big ones).  What I’m really building is more of an idea organizer with sharing features.

I can subscribe to blogs, news, weather, whatever strikes my fancy, then — from inside OSMBlags II — I can take notes and favorite particular articles.  I can later expand those notes into comments or my own blog post.  OSMBlags II will not host blogs (at least not in the near future) but it will be able to post content directly from your login to a blog owned by you.

You’ll also be able to take notes on a calendar, share that calendar with friends, who can comment, etc.  You can write articles and receive inline corrections from friends and editors.  You can then submit those articles to online journals or post them to your personal blog.

Many features are still to come, but the basic RSS feed reader is available to select alpha users.  Let me know if you’d like access. 

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