The Upside of Tossing and Turning

I recently bought a bed.  I was in dire need so I’m very happy.  The sales guy managed (and I never let this happen) to sell me on a memory foam mattress.  One that cost more than I intended to pay.  I’ve been sleeping on it for a couple of weeks now, and I just have to say


I’ve never slept better.  I don’t toss and turn at all.  Of course, on the downside, I don’t toss and turn at all.  I had no idea that tossing and turning in bed actually serves a purpose.  When you toss and turn it allows you to release the body heat that’s been building up below you.  It also lets you roll out of the pool of sweat you’ve been building underneath you for the last couple of hours.  In my new memory foam bed I wake up in the middle of the night, roasting hot and drowning in sweat.  All I have to do roll over the problem is solved.

Thanks to pressure points I used to rollover without waking up.  Perhaps I just need a less comfortable bed.

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