And I’m Out

Three strikes and I’m out.  I guess I am just not a 10,000 word a week writer.  I should be disappointed.  Well, I am disappointed, but only that it took several days before anyone called me on my failure.  So you failed me, dear reader. Well, except for one of you.  You know who you are.

The thing is, I’m not too disappointed.  10,000 words is a lot.  If I could keep that up, I could write two novels every year with plenty of time to revise.  I know some authors do more but two novels a year hardly means two “quality” novels a year.  I’d much rather write one good novel every half decade.  Actually, I’d rather be like Harper Lee — write an amazing novel then never write again.  She wrote To Kill a Mockingbird in case you’re wondering.

I managed 3,500 words last week.  Some of them were even worth reading!  Even if most were not.  That’s about a novel per year with plenty of time to revise.

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