Reasoning with Death

Prompt: A mother tries to reason with Death, who has come to claim her terminally ill child.

I had felt him for days before that moment.  He arrived before my son started coughing, but I didn’t see him until I caught a glimpse of his black cloak as he swept through the hospital corridors.  He was the cold I could never shake, no matter how tightly I wrapped the blankets around myself.

He entered the hospital room.  Silently sweeping from the doorway to the bed.

“No!” I shouted as I threw myself in front of the bed.

The silent, faceless horror stopped and extended a long bony finger to my son.

“He’s young,” I said.  “Please spare him. Please.”

The faceless figure shook his head slowly and extended the sickle towards me, but I didn’t move.

“I’ll give you whatever you want.  I have money. My husband works in the government.  Whatever you want. Anything!”

The figure shook his head again, and I knew what he wanted.  The only thing Death has ever wanted was more death.

“Take me instead!” I pleaded.

Death dropped his bony finger.  Then held up two of his emaciated fingers.  I knew what he meant, and that is how I came to kill the old man and his daughter.

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