I’m A Crazy Person

This probably won’t come as a shock to any of my readers — all three of you — but I am a crazy person.  You know how sometimes when an older person passes away their family goes to their house and finds they’ve been hoarding completely innocuous items?  With my grandmother it was mostly food-stuffs, and not necessarily foodstuffs she liked but rather things her kids and grandkids like.  Every time she went to the store she forgot what she already had at home and bought more.


I’ve reached that point in my life too.  I opened my cupboard to put away a container of ground cinnamon and found I already had two things of it.  You know how often I eat cinnamon?  Never.

Now, I used to. As a kid I loved to have toast sprinkled with a little ground cinnamon and brown sugar.  I’m sure that is what I’m thinking about when I put more cinnamon in my basket, but these days I don’t even own a toaster.  I’m a crazy person.

P.S. — There is a very sad side to this blog post.  If you have access to my Roadstory folder (I’m looking at you, most-of-my-readers), you can read a scene in “Sad Thought” about this phenomenon.

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