Staying in a Casino

After my little car accident I ended up spending the night in the nearest hotel, which happens to be attached to a casino on the nearest American Indian Reservation.  It’s a bit weird to think about, but this is really a ten story hotel that was stapled onto a casino as an afterthought.  Attaching hotels to casinos became a thing when some business man noticed that a casino could only make money from an awake person so the proper thing to do is to find a way to charge them for sleeping.

Not that casino hotels are expensive.  Considering the size of the rooms and the overall quality, they were a very good price.  Of course, that’s because the hotel doesn’t have to pay it’s own costs. It’s supported by the casino below.  (The pun was intentional.)  The whole place is designed to take you into the casino.  You park your car in the parking garage, walk to the elevator take it down, walk by the casino, check in, walk by the casino, take the elevator to your room.  If you head back to your car the place is designed so that you still have to pass the casino.

If you go to the buffet you’ll find yourself walking right across the casino floor.  If you go to one of the other restaurants you’ll find yourself looking down into the casino.  You’re never really out of line-of-sight with the casino.

I don’t think the gold walls in the rooms are a mistake either.  Seriously, the room’s color scheme is gold with an even golder accent wall.

But the most impressive thing was that the shower water sent gold flakes flying from the floor.  I got on my hands and knees to investigate but still couldn’t tell the source.  It seemed to be a trick of the light.  Any small enough droplet striking the ground would cause gold to float across the bottom of the shower.  I know they intended it to make me think of gambling, and it really did work.  After all, what’s a better metaphor for gambling than watching money go down the drain?

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