In case y’all are wondering, I’m back in Indiana. I flew back Friday on a US Airways plane with a surprising amount of leg room.  Several inches in fact!

We left early in the morning through a packed airport.  The night before we had grabbed dinner at Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion — which is an odd name for any restaurant.  Especially one where waiters pull out your chair for you and lay the napkin on your lap.  The kind of place where the waitress has the entire menu memorized and can describe each and every item in delicious, mouth-watering detail — like a Food Network announcer.

It’s the kind of place where they say things like, “Compliments of the chef,” which is a phrase I have always wanted to hear in real-life.  At one point, an appetizer was delayed so we got a new appetizer (one not on the menu) to eat while we waited compliments of the chef.  Over the course of the night there were at least 5 people involved in serving our meal, waitresses, bus-ers, hosts, managers, etc.  It was a good experience, but I couldn’t tell you how much it cost.  I’m assuming it ran quite a bit.

Anyway, today I’m back in Indiana where people have a lot more to complain about than dry air.  We’re looking forward to our second hit of the polar blast.  Meanwhile, SoCal is concerned about large waves and warm, sunny skies.  There was a moment, as I floated on my back in a pool during a warm night, when I realized it was the middle of January and I was looking at the sky through the palm trees.  If you had given me a chance to move to a warmer climate right then, I probably would have taken it. 

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