Other People?

I’ve seen a lot of bad driving since moving to Carmel.  I’ve seem people cutting people off to turn out of straight lanes, people cutting others off to go straight out of turn lanes.  I’ve been run off the road twice — once by a semi and once by a large cargo van.  Both seemed to blame me for the incident.  Once I even saw someone turn the wrong way into a round-about.  I attribute most of these to incompetence, but I know a lot of it is just complete disregard for everyone else on the road.

Still, I saw the worst offender of all time Monday.  I was parked at a local mall.  There was a light nearby with two vehicles waiting to turn — one red SUV and one Nissan sedan.  The light gave a green arrow and both vehicles turned.  All fine and dandy so far, except that the red SUV, the lead vehicle stopped to unload as soon as they hit the crosswalk leaving the sedan stopped in the intersection.

I saw the eyes of the sedan driver narrow.  Maybe they’d unload quickly.  It’s not like there was an open parking spot about 10 feet away.  (There was.)  Or like the mall has several loading an unloading zones in front of major stores. (They do.)

They weren’t quick.  Three overweight people packed out of the car.  A fat man in the passenger seat, a fat girl in the backseat. Then, I can’t make this up, the driver gets out.  The driver saunters around the back of the vehicle opens up the back to grab a backpack.  By now the light has changed and a couple of cars have had to drive around the sedan.  By now the sedan driver’s lips were pursed together so tight they must have hurt.  

Honestly, I would have honked if I were him, but I think he was in shock.  I pulled out of my parking place and drove past the sedan driver who shook his head sadly at me. 

It’s really as if this family had no concept of the existence of other people.

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