The Lost and Never Found

So, I left my Kindle in the seat-back pocket of my flight into Orange County.  Which sounds like an easy fix.  The Kindle was in the back of a plane that was parking for the night.  It’s at seat 23B.

I noticed it was gone within 15 minutes of landing.  Everything should be fine, right?

No.  Not at all.  So I call the airport which lists it’s police office as lost and found.  They tell me that they don’t really handle items that were left inside of planes.  For that you have to call the airline.  They were nice enough to give me that number which led to American Airlines reservation system.  After about 10 minutes of clicking through menus I managed to get an automated message informing me that lost and found requests are handled by the airports themselves.  The airport sends me to the airline and the airline sends me to the airport.  At least I’m traveling.

I decide to split the difference and try calling the airline desk for American Airlines at the Orange County airport.  This is an impossible number to reach.

I’ve just about given up at this point.  My Kindle Touch named “Trixie the Great and Powerful” may very well be lost forever, sent across the country.

I’m bummed.


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