Nearly the Worst Trip Ever

I rarely lose things.  In fact, I can count on one hand the number of things I’ve lost.  Well the number of important things I’ve lost at least.  I have a few vague memories of things I left behind as a kid.  In my adult life I’ve considered myself both very fortunate and very responsible.

Which is why I’m particularly bummed about losing my Kindle… And my credit card. Oh, didn’t I mention that?  I went to dinner at the hotel restaurant, opened my wallet to pay, and discovered the card I’ve been using for business expenses was missing.  I had other methods of payment, fortunately, but I was (and am) dismayed by my sudden inability to keep track of important items.  This just isn’t me.

Fortunately the list of places where I could have left my credit card was rather small.  In fact, the last thing I bought with it was dinner the night before at a Benihana’s across the street from the hotel.  I half considered just canceling the card to avoid the embarrassment of admitting the loss.

I ended up running to the restaurant about a half-hour before close time.  I told the girl at the receptionist’s desk that I had left my credit card behind.  To my surprise she pulled out a huge folder and asked for my name.  I gave it and she flipped through the book to a page with several credit and debit cards in little pockets.  She then pulled it out, in front of me, and asked me to describe the card.

“It’s blue,” I said — looking at the card.  “It’s a Chase Visa card,” I said looking at the information on the back.  This was enough for everything to seem in order so she handed me the card, and I went on my way.  Did I mention she was holding the card in front of me when she asked me to describe it.  I can’t emphasize this enough, I was looking at the card when she asked me to describe it.

Oh well, guess I should be glad I got there before the next guy.

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