Exploding Dishware

I got through my move with only a single casualty, a single ceramic bowl.  It dropped from the dish drying to its death just a few feet below.

Here is the thing though, it didn’t crack or shatter or chip or break, the thing exploded!  Seriously.  Apparently bowls are built primarily of TNT and held solid by black magic.  That bowl sent razor sharp ceramic shards everywhere.  I’m glad I was wearing shoes — though I was in my own house so I was pantsless.  The ceramic chunks, the largest just a centimeter square, flew high enough to bounce off of my glasses — thank goodness I was wearing those.

In the process of cleaning I ended up with several long, painless, bleeding cuts.

That said, I also dropped an oven / microwave safe glass bowl.  The thing fell from above my head, bounced on the tile, struck my foot, and flew into a cabinet.  It was fine, though the plastic lid it came with cracked.  

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