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Since my posts on Moby Dick, I’ve been accused of being a bit elitist in my reading — and rightfully so.  I’m proud of my reading.  I have a solid base of “classic” literature.  Name a “classic” novel and I’m sure to be more than passingly familiar with it.  Not to say I enjoyed all of that reading.  After a merry little jaunt through the works of the Bronte sisters I think all three of them should go bite a wall.  I think everything Dickens wrote should be about half the length it is.

Wait a second… Wait just one second.  Why does classic keep showing up in quotes?

Well simply put, it’s because a good modern novel and a “classic” novel are really only distinguished by age.  A good modern novel, if it manages to garner the readers, will eventually end up a “classic.”  Oh sure, someone has to write an academic paper or two on the book, but that’s bound to happen.  Harry Potter is halfway there already.  (Shout out to my fiancĂ©e who has written a wonderful academic paper comparing the Harry Potter series and East of Eden by Steinbeck.)

All I’m saying is that today kids are dragged through Shakespeare’s plays without realizing he is writing comedies, and those kid’s grandchildren may very well be dragged through Harry Potter looking for allegory instead of having fun.

All that said, I’m about halfway through Moby Dick and have decided to take a brief break to read some comic books. I enjoy a bit of everything.

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