Lucky Sense of Direction

It is a well know fact that Goodells have an awful sense of direction.  Oh sure, we do fine in valleys.  It basically works like this, “I know that mountain is east.  I will drive towards it.”  In Indiana this method doesn’t quite work.  “Well, I know that corn-field is east, west, north, and south.  So if I drive… we’re lost.”

This method also doesn’t work in new location.  You have to know the basic relative positions of things. 

At the very least you have to have a destination.  We set out for food at about 7:30 pm the other night with the basic idea that somewhere south there were Montreal suburbs.  We ended up spending entirely too long driving through little neighborhoods wondering “what do these people eat.”  There were no restaurants, but surely they had to buy groceries somewhere.  By 8:15 we were beginning to think Canadians, at least the French variety, did not eat.

But by 8:30 we had stumbled on that classic Canadian establishment of Tim Horton’s.  They serve donuts, coffee, and sandwiches.  I’d heard of them, mostly from Canadians calling them the best thing ever, but I admit to having no prior knowledge of what they served.  I was sort of hoping for Poutine.

Finding a Tim Horton’s probably doesn’t sound too fortuitous to you.  As well it shouldn’t.  You can’t throw a rock without hitting one up here.

No, my sense of direction is incredibly lucky because somehow, without turn-by-turn directions or a map that showed anything besides touring locations, we made it to all of the things we wanted to see and out of Montreal.  Oh sure there were some close calls, but then I found a statue sort of thing and we walked towards it.  Later we ended up getting on a highway headed the wrong direction and it worked better than I ever expected.

There is nothing like the feeling of stumbling onto one desired destination after another.

“Let’s go to the Notre-Dame Cathedral!”

“Sure, I think we’ll hit it if we just go… never mind, there it is!”

Honestly, this kind of stuff wouldn’t have happened if I had tried. 

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