A Few Things About French Canada

I admit a complete lack of interesting stories from my honeymoon.  Truth is, it rained almost every day and most of the things we did and saw do not make for much in the way of entertainment for you, dear reader.  Not that we didn’t have fun.

We also had a little run of bad luck, culminating in someone backing into Marissa’s car while we enjoyed some amazing food.  No biggie.  They were good enough to leave their information for us.

I was a bit surprised by the language barrier.  In Montreal it was about a 70/30 split between French and English, but an hour north it was 100% French we heard.  Most people spoke English if you greeted them in French and asked nicely, but a few (okay, just one lady at a grocery store) were indignant and a bit rude about switching languages.  I promise, we’re just dumb Americans and not Canadians with some kind of sneaky political agenda.

Now, I know we were in the only part of Canada not known for their niceness, but with the noted exception everyone was very nice to us and very accommodating.

I have a few little stories that I hope to get to in the next few weeks, but I’m still thinking of a fun spin for a few of the stories.  Check back later.

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