Just A Bunch of Softies

Toby ran off again yesterday.  He’s an indoor cat, but he still likes to run out.  I’m not sure why.  You’d think his last experience being left outside would be enough to keep him indoors, but no.  He’s over his fear of open doors now.

It’s just so much great fun for him to bound out the door then spend the next couple of hours waiting for you to walk up before bounding off again.  Then he looks over his shoulder and meows.  Yeah, well, screw you too, buddy!

It is a good way to make friends though.  Actually, for some reason, having a cat lets me get to know all sorts of people.  There is the neighbor across the way with the big dog and the kid that wishes their dog was a cat.  There is the guy downstairs that cleans his Jeep Wrangler shirtless every day no matter how unnecessary it is.  He likes cats.  Then just across the driveway is the girl with 3 cats who helped me chase him.

Here is the thing though, all of these people were taking care of that cat when he was the neighborhood stray.  Everyone was bringing him food and everyone had some adoption plan.  I live in an apartment complex, surrounded on all sides, by softies.

And we still ended up with him.

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