Something Cute on the Drive

A couple weeks ago I posted about nearly watching an old man and a baby die during my morning commute, but that wasn’t the only thing that happened.

About 3 or 4 miles down the road from my traumatic encounter I stopped behind a small, older mini-van at a left turn.  This car was lurching.  The brake lights would flash off, the vehicle would move forward just a bit, and the brake lights would flash on.  It was rocking back-and-forth slowly gaining inches towards the line.

I’m thinking, high school student playing a prank on his friends.  Nothing like toying with your favorite carsick friend in your own car.  See, I assumed high school because that’d be exactly the kind of thing a stupid high schooler would do.  And everyone is at least a little bit stupid in high school.

Alternatives include a broken vehicle.  In which case, they really should not be driving it down this road.  They’re going to die and probably kill someone.

Or maybe the driver was having a seizure.  In which case I should have probably helped.

Instead, I sat there and watched.  Through the back window I could see just the top edge of a child seat and a young mom, leaning back and looking into the seat.  They had to keep the car moving so the baby could sleep.  Genius really.

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