Miniature House Museum

Carmel, Indiana has it’s share of weird things sitting around.  They have all those art galleries, roundabouts, and statues plus all the rich people and their fancy cars.  I also talked about just how much they love their dogs.

There is one other attraction in the Carmel Arts and Design district.  It’s this little (no pun intended) museum of miniatures just right next door from my office.  I’ve never been, but I’ll get to that in a second.

I have never — in two whole years! — seen someone walk into that miniatures museum.  It might in fact be the perfect cover for some kind of smuggling/prostitution ring.  After all, Carmel has had it’s problems with drugs and prostitution.  I’ve blogged about them before and a quick Google search will reveal some details.

I have another guess though.  The reason why no one goes in is because of the sign on the door that reads “Entry: $2.”  Isn’t this alienating their main demographic? People who see a miniature house museum and say, “Sure, why not?”

Ok, I’m poking fun.  In reality, miniatures are kind of a big deal.  (That pun was intended.)  I was looking through trade journals for potential writing opportunities.  There is basically a trade journal for everything.  E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!  From garbage men to pilots to pilots that are ex-military to those who are not.  The shocker is when you find out the section for journals related to miniatures is several dozens of entries longer than the section for sports.  No joke.

Lots of people like to work on miniatures, to read about miniatures, and look at miniatures.  I still don’t see them going into that shop though.  But I could be wrong.


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