NaNoWriMo Post-Mortem

I didn’t make 40,000 words in the month of November.  Nope! I only got to 38,532 before it struck midnight.  I wrote another 500 words before going to bed.  Things started going seriously wrong right around November 28th, day after Thanksgiving, as they often do.  (Gosh I hate Christmas.)  I had fallen a bit behind, but assumed I’d have a couple of days completely to myself to make it up.  Then one of my friends (one of Marissa’s old high school friends) ended up trapped on the side of the road four hours from home.  You can’t just leave a friend, so we took him in.  Next day my wife and I drove him 4.5 hours home.

It was a minor good deed, but it did cost me two days of good writing time.  Come Sunday I was 3,000 words behind.  I did pretty well to make up 2,000 of those words, but in the end it wasn’t enough.  The clock struck midnight, and I wasn’t done.

I did make it all the way to the epilogue though.  Here’s the thing I’ve made 39,000 words, I’m about 1,000 words from the end of my initial draft, but I’ve got to cut about 10,000 words of useless dribble.  Seriously, my first couple of chapters have 9 or 10 Chekhov’s guns that are never fired.  Then I’ve got about 25,000 words of explaining, missing scenes, etc. to add.  Honestly, with 39,000 words I’ve never felt farther from done.

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