Montanans Look Different

I made this observation to Marissa right around this same time last year, but she didn’t believe me.  This year I did it while sitting in a group of Montanans.  I don’t mean to be mean or rude; this is purely empirical.

Lots of places have their own look.  In Indy one sees a fair amount of Colts wear, in Boston it’s RedSox, in Detroit it’s bullet-proof vests.  Then you get to the Montana gate and start to see Griz and Bobcat wear, maroon and blue, respectively.  You also see an unusual number of cowboy hats and Carhartt jackets, some jeans with topped with ridiculously big belt buckles, and lots of boots.  Not cowboy boots, though my dad and some others still wear those, but it’s mostly modern leather work boots.

What a backward lot.

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