I’m Not Going to Wizard World

It’s no secret that Karen Gillan is my current celebrity crush.  Even my wife is well aware.  I tend to be a serial monogamist when it comes to celebrities, but my current crush is going on 3 years now.  (Don’t worry, my pastor informed me that serially monogamist celebrity crushes are ok, and his is on Emily Blunt.)

Which is why I got unreasonably excited to find out that she’d be in Indianapolis today for Wizard World.  However, I just found out about this yesterday.  Too late to buy tickets, and even if I could get tickets they’re expensive and the autograph itself is expensive.  Sure it’d be totally awesome to have a signed picture of Karen sitting behind the lightbulb my wife gave me.  (It has special significance to me, but that’s a story for another time.)

You may be wondering why I’d have a signed picture of Karen Gillan but no picture of my wife on my desk.  Easy, I know what my wife looks like at every moment of every day.  No reminders needed.  She’s beautiful.

Which brings me to the dilemma I’m writing this post to work out.  Why do I want a signed picture of a girl I’ve never met?  Maybe it isn’t the picture.  Maybe it is the 30 seconds of interaction.  Perhaps it has to do with the exclusivity of such a thing.  Sure she’ll be signing hundreds of things over the course of the convention but there are likely millions of people who’d want one.  You get to define yourself as special by being in proximity to someone that is defined as special.  Possibly.

It might have less to do with that than it does that she was in one of my favorite TV series (Doctor Who) and one of my favorite movies (Oculus).  Guardians of the Galaxy was also awesome, but she’s a much smaller part of that film.  But when I think about that I wonder if I’d rather meet Steven Moffat or Russell Davies or Mike Flanagan since they’re all writers and I want to be a writer not an actor.

Then again, and I’m starting to think this is it… Maybe it’s because meeting a celebrity crush is roughly like getting a hello from your middle school crush because you’re absolutely sure you’re in love with this person you’ve never met and you’d certainly like to have them over to play video games or something.  After all, you’re in middle school and have no idea what a romantic relationship even entails.  Maybe I’m just seeking that little innocent warm fuzzy I remember from those days.  I don’t know.

What I do know is that tonight I’m making dinner for my wife because when I grew up my ideas of relationship also grew up and the warm fuzzies I get from my wife are objectively better than anything else I know.

That said, I’d still like a signed picture of Karen Gillan.  Another time perhaps?

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