The Coming Year

I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions.  Personally, I set a number of objectives for the next twelve months in November.  That way by the time January rolls around I’ve already given up on my objectives and can quit my gym membership just before everyone else starts theirs.  I basically live my life 2 months ahead of everyone else.

That said, I do have goals for 2015 and being that I am a very structured person I’ve split the year into sections known as “seasons.”  Because I enjoy being contrary, I will be using 3 different seasons of different lengths rather than a standard 4 equal length seasons plan.

Overall Goals

  • Submit six pieces of writing to publishers or agents.  (2 down)

Winter Wrap-Up (January – May)

I’m starting my year with a longer section of time devoted to the wrapping up of things from last year.  November of last year my creative project was a to write a novel.  I documented my progress here and here and talked about what I was able to create/the results here and here.  Unfortunately, NaNoWriMo left me with a lot of words but not a whole lot of story.  This year I’m correcting that.  To avoid creating some kind of Frankenstein’s monster, I’m doing quite a lot of rewriting and I see even now that some of my rewrites will themselves need rewritten.  So it goes.  In many ways I’m excited to dedicate a portion of my year to this creation, though I’m already wondering if it will take more than 5 months.

  • Revisit Neville rewriting and completing missing plot points.
  • Finish SwordGirl — a platforming, combat, horror game I started working on with a professional artist.
  • See one thing completely new.  (I haven’t quite figured this out, but I’m considering renting a cabin in Kentucky or Southern Indiana for a weekend.)

Summer / Rissy’s Out of Work! / And Then She Isn’t (June – October)

Not all of my names are going to be creative.  I should have warned you about the earlier.  This period of the year is devoted mostly to a road-trip in the early summer during which I’ll experiment with other hobbies and show Marissa all the places I remember from my childhood.  This is exceedingly important to me, and I hope she enjoys it.  I’ll also be revisiting older works for revision.

  • Put 6,000 miles on someone’s car.
  • Revisit Roadstory while actually on the road.  Make fixes and appropriate rewrites.  Hopefully get a few people to proofread it.
  • Work on short stories, sketching, and take up a new hobby.  (I’m currently thinking about getting serious on model building, but we’ll see how I feel in 3 to 8 months.)

Creative Endings (November – December)

I know myself and I know my goals are way too ambitious for a single year.  I know next year will involve a lot of clean up.  I’ve reserved these two months to keeping unfinished work going, but I’ll also be starting two new creative projects.  I’ll be posting details about that later.





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