I’m not tipping for that…

I feel the overwhelming need to nip something in the bud right now.

It should be common knowledge by now that Marriott is an awful company.  Most recently they started blocking personal internet connections — like your cellphone — to make sure you paid for their awful internet wi-fi.  This is illegal and they were fined.

Well, as usual, I’m staying at a Marriott in SoCal because of the deal they have with one of the companies I work for.  When I arrived in my room I discovered an envelope for me to tip the housekeepers.  Now, I know housekeepers are overworked and under appreciated, but that’s all the more reason to pay them a livable wage.  Housekeeping is not a tipped profession, no matter what Marriott wants to pay their workers.  I’m not making up the difference between tipped minimum wage and minimum wage just so Marriott can pay workers less.

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