This Douche…

I know I usually keep my language pretty clean here, but I don’t know how else to describe this guy.  I’ve never encountered someone so disconnected from reality and I’ve been around!  I’ve seen cockfights over who was or was not going to fast and whose dog was or was not on too long of a leash and people who have no problem blocking an entire road to save a few seconds of extra walking.

So I’m sitting on the second floor porch of a bar near Huntington Beach eating some fish tacos, and this couple sits down behind us.  Now I’m not 100% sure of the context, but they start with introductions.  I’m thinking this is a first date or maybe even a blind date.

It starts out simple enough, he talks about how he was born in Seattle and grew up there but occasionally visited Southern California (specifically Huntington Beach).  Fine enough.  I don’t know where she is from, she didn’t get a chance to say.  She maybe said something about sports or England.  If she didn’t, I’m not sure how this guy’s mind made the jump.

Pretty soon he is talking about telling people he is into “football” then being surprised and thinking they’re stupid because they assumed he was referring to American football.  He’s 22.  He’s from SEATTLE, and is apparently ok with mocking people for referring to a sport by the name it is called in their dialect.  Because, and I can’t emphasize this enough, he went to England once.

Pretty soon he’s talking about calling people “wankers” because that’s what you do when you went to England once.

I wonder if this qualifies as a mental disorder of some kind.

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