Memory Pressure Update

I thought I’d pop in and post a quick update on the status of my creative projects and subsequently my poor brain.  Since I posted my last blog I have brought three of my projects to decent pausing points.

  • Kobold — an evolution of my Gnome project tracker, team management software — now has a mostly finished project module.  I’m now using it to manage it’s own bugs and features.  It’s now capable of tracking its own development.
  • A humorous writing piece concerning the place of sex robots in modern society has been completed in rough draft form.  This is a good time to pause as I need to step back and ruminate on the ideas I’m presenting.
  • A 2D platformer I’m working on is on hold while I wait for an artist.  I’m fleshed out the ideas well enough in my head that I’m no longer worrying about the ideas displacing other things.

I guess my plan worked in one sense.  I no longer feel like I’m drowning with too much on my mind.    In another sense, I’m not feeling encouraged by my progress.  It still seems meager and I’m sad to have some of these things on hold.

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