D and Rissy Buy A House

Have you ever bought a house? I don’t recommend it.  There is an awful lot of money juggling, people talking, paper signing, decision making to do, and I hate every one of those things.  I just don’t feel old enough to own a home.  Yesterday I spent an hour reading comic books about Magneto.  I once missed everything my wife said at a dinner because I was thinking about Batman.  I’m not ready for responsibility.  I’m scared of responsibility.  In fact, let’s go down a list of my fears.

  1. Marissa
  2. Spiders
  3. Public Speaking
  4. Not saying something important when in front of people
  5. Responsibility

Oh sure, I try to play it off like I’m scared of being tied down or bound in one location by ownership, but you and I both know I’m really just scared of growing up and being responsible.  Ever heard someone say, “I’m so glad I took responsibility for this thing?”  I haven’t heard it.

Here is the thing, I discovered part way through this process that between Marissa and I, I am the high maintenance one.  She liked everything we saw.  I saw the perfect house, and thought “it’s not quite what I wanted.”  What I want, of course, doesn’t really exist.  I just want a cheap house in an expensive area with a lot of space and stairs that is (and I can’t emphasize this enough) cheap.

We put an offer on a home last night.  We got the cheap part at least.

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