Kootenai Falls

We left Glacier after a boat ride on Lake McDonald and took US Highway 2 west bound for Idaho.  This happens to pass through a number of small Montanan towns and the Kootenai National Forest.  I was against stopping because a) it was hot, b) I was sore, c) I had a headache, and d) I was tired.  I remained tired and became grumpy upon stopping.  I would remain grumpy until this very moment.

Oh well.  The views were still good.

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That’s the Kootenai river you’re looking at.  It seems very dangerous.  The water swirls and bashed against rocks.  There is one point where you can see a funnel of water going at least 10 feet straight down.

This leads me to the Kootenai Falls Swinging Bridge where you can look straight down into that water on a bridge that sways in the wind.  Now, it’s held up by two high tension lines with 4 additional lines holding it steady.  It’s extremely safe, but I don’t do so hot with heights.

You’ll note that I didn’t take any pictures from the bridge itself.  I’m not even sure what the river looks like from the bridge because I was mostly just trying to get it over with.  Suffice to say the view was terrifying in every way, but I did cross that bridge twice.

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