As of sometime this afternoon, Marissa and I will have been married one whole year.  A few months into our marriage I was working as a volunteer at my church while Marissa traveled.  I happened to mention to someone that I was coming up on my six month anniversary.  He said, “The first year is always rough, but it gets better.”

I nodded and thanked him for the encouragement, but quite frankly I can’t imagine married life getting better.  My first year wasn’t rough.  It was wonderful, and I can’t imagine what “better” than wonderful looks like.

So this is my one year anniversary post, a celebration of all the awesome times my wife and I enjoyed in the last year complete with pictures!

Since it’s our anniversary let’s start one year ago today at Rissy and I’s wedding, where Marissa looked fantastic!Marissa having a drinkI didn’t look half bad.Dawson and Marissa at the altar.And we looked amazing together.MD_19

Then we headed to Canada for our honeymoon.  Where Marissa pointed at something interesting off in the distance.2014-07-30 16.08.46Then realized I was taking pictures.2014-07-30 16.08.49We saw a cathedral!  But didn’t go inside as that cost money.


There were also parks and plazas with all sorts of stuff to look at in Montreal.2014-07-30 16.09.27

We’re pretty bad at selfies, but we did try.2014-07-30 16.40.57There is a major chain of gas stations in French Canada called “Couche-Tard.”  We laughed at this.2014-07-30 19.22.08

In order to get the full Canada experience, Marissa drank some Tim Horton’s.rissy-with-tim-hortons

I was content drinking a 2-liter of Coke.2014-08-02 13.05.42We spent a long time waiting to get back into the United States.2014-08-02 13.06.38

When we got back we adopted a stray cat.  Here is the smug little jerk sitting in our living room.

We shaved him to teach him a lesson.  At some point Marissa tried to take a picture with the shaved cat.  It went horribly awry and I was able to document every bit of it.

Shaved Cat

In the meantime, I took up reading comics.2015-07-23 08.40.28

Marissa didn’t, but I caught her trying it once!2014-08-05 00.30.36

I spent the entirety of November writing a whole novel.  (Not pictured because it is boring.)  Marissa spent the whole month of November supporting me.  Meanwhile Marissa had started a job at a friendly inner-city school.  Well, it isn’t exactly inner-city, but it’s really rough.  I got to spend the year supporting her through that.

We capped the year off with a trip to Glacier National Park where I told a bunch of bad jokes, and a shorter but equally great trip to the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee (my first southern excursion.)2015-07-18 21.02.59I love my wife and am excited for another year together.


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