Buying a House | Part 2

So that offer I mentioned months ago didn’t pan out.  They came back asking for a higher price than our initial offering, and given time to think about it, we backed down.  It didn’t seem worth it.  If it had been a place I loved I could have done it.

It was a fine house, but I started wondering if I could live with the bathrooms laid out like that for even a second, then I started thinking about the cost and mess of renting a concrete saw.  Well, I guess we’ll just keep the jack-and-jill bathrooms then.  And I suppose it’s ok that the front door opens right into the living room and blocks the only logical place to put a TV.

They came back asking for first more time.  They wanted an extension for bereavement, which we granted, of course, then came back with a higher price.  I hate to say it, but because of that extension we walked away.  They did manage to sell their house recently, so I don’t feel too bad.  Although they did end up dropping the price to below our initial offering.

It left us in a bit of a lurch.  Our lease is still due to expire and the chance of us closing on a place was waning fast.  We took an aggressive pace, viewing 10 or more houses in a single day.  This was a bit grueling for me and I highly suggest it if you would like to develop a fear of ever purchasing things again.

We put an offer on another house, and got beat out.  Then another house where we were promptly beat out.  By now we had viewed at least 30 houses, including a squatter house, a poverty house, and a one human corpse.  I’ll go over all of them in a little bit.

Then we put an offer on our fourth house.  This one hurt.  We missed getting it by minutes.  We were the first couple to view the house and the first to place an offer.  We wrote the offer right away and by noon the next day we had a counter offer.  We accepted the counter, but unfortunately, our agent was driving.  She sent a message to the agent that we were accepting, but that agent swears she didn’t get it.  (I suspect the other agent is lying as it seems mighty convenient for her.)  By the time our agent was in a position to respond to the offer formally, it had been retracted.

Topped out on our budget, we backed away.  It was rough, we really thought we had the house.  With the last offer falling through we knew we couldn’t get a house prior to  my lease expiring.  I renewed my lease for the shortest period I could — 8 months — and we took a break from the hunt.

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