Woodworking with a Dummy

Let me be perfectly clear, despite a semester of woodworking in high school and a lifetime of living with a carpenter, I do not know what I’m doing.  I’m clueless, and I’m armed with 11 pounds and 5,600 rpms of blade spinning goodness.  I’m one little screw up from losing a finger or an arm or a leg.

Not that it’s bad to be missing one of those things.  I’ve never met a cabinet maker that had all of his fingers and if I did meet that cabinet maker, I probably wouldn’t hire him.

I’m more of a hobbyist though, and I need all my fingers for typing entertaining blog posts about the mistakes I make.  I mentioned about a year ago when I planned my year out in rough strokes that I would be starting a new hobby of some kind.  I chose woodworking.  It’s more expensive than I’d like, but very satisfying.

I built a workbench!  Obviously you have to build a workbench first because you’ll need a place to work in your workshop.  It isn’t quite square and there is exactly one screw that was actually just drilled into empty space, but it is level.  It’ll hold a full Dawson on the work-area and all of my tools on the bottom rack.


Next I plan on making some bent wood rings, a cutting board, and a wooden bench for our deck.  If you ever think to yourself, “Gosh, I sure would like a super nifty homemade wooden gift from Dawson,” you can consider buying me something from my sizable workshop wishlist on Amazon.

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